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Florida Business For Sale Activity (May 18,2011)

I am a Florida Business broker working with business owners selling their Florida  business, and business owners looking for acquisitions.  Prospective business buyers I work with are located in Florida, US., and Business buyers in Europe and throughout the world.

As a  member of Business Brokers of Florida, which is the largest state Association of Business Brokers in the United States we have access to significant data regarding businesses being bought and sold .   Thousands of businesses for sale are represented by over 1000 business brokers that are members of this Association.  These business brokers list their respective businesses for sale and prospective business buyers on a centralized listing site and buyers and sellers of businesses are brought together. Several thousand businesses for sale are listed, modified, and advertised thru this website.

Valuable information regarding Florida business for Sales and Florida Businesses Sold help me as a Business Broker Professional keep track of the ebb and flow of the Florida Business Acquisition Market.  Understanding a business to assist in selling that business requires an understanding of the numbers behind  that business.  An understanding the marketplace in which this business may be sold is furthered by a review of the data surrounding businesses being bought and sold in Florida. The below are a few statistics, totals, and items of note surrounding the business acquisition and sales market in the State of Florida.

  1. Florida Business for sale Priced over $1,000,000- 298
  2. Florida Business Sold for over $1,000,000 in last year= 37
  3. Businesses Currently  For Sale in Florida through Business brokers of Florida –  3253
  4. Restaurants For Sale through Business Brokers of Florida – 663
  5. Businesses For Sale in Florida with Revenue of less than $500,000- 2315
  6. Businesses Sold in Florida through Business Brokers of Florida over last year (365) Days – 878
  7. Businesses Sold in Florida through Business Brokers of Florida over last month –  59
  8. Businesses For Sale in Florida requiring a Down payment of less than $50,000 -536


Along with the above statistical information a few  I include specifics of note

Highlighted Industry:     Lawn Landscape Business For Sale in Florida

  • Number of Lawn Services Sold in Florida in last 2 years -100
  • Number of Lawn Services Currently For Sale in Florida- 81

Currently I represent a Lawn Service business that we have an accepted contract on and are going thru the due diligence process. A Lawn service business can provide a very reasonable Owner benefit, and  entry  into the field can be made with a fairly minimal investment.  Looking to Buy a business in Florida?

For more info or questions regarding the Florida Business Acquisition Market or Florida Businesses for sale please contact

Scott M Messinger


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Scott M. Messinger is a former and current business owner that has directly purchased multiple businesses to support organic growth. Former owner of successful production/manufacturing/distribution business of 20 years that was successfully sold and transitioned. Member of Gateway Business Advisors with offices in Jacksonville Fl, Anderson SC,and member of the Business Broker of Florida Assn. Business interest includes the fields of management,water, energy savings, marketing. For a FREE current listing of Businesses FOR sale see:

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  1. I want to buy restaurant and want to start my own business. Restaurant is the best way to earn money. I am searching for restaurant for sale at reasonable rate and at cool location. Please help me in finding.

  2. thanks for reading- where are you located at- I can be reached directly if I may of assistance regards Scott

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