Florida Business For Sale Florida Businesses Sold Activity 2011

Florida Business For Sale  Florida Businesses Sold Activity 2011

I am a Florida Business broker working with business owners selling their Florida  businesses, and business owners and individuals looking for acquisitions.  Prospective business buyers I work with are located in Florida, US., and Business buyers in Europe and throughout the world.

As a  member of Business Brokers of Florida, which is the largest state Association of Business Brokers in the United States we have access to significant data regarding businesses being bought and sold .   Thousands of businesses for sale are represented by over 1000 business brokers that are members of this Association.  These business brokers list their respective businesses for sale and prospective business buyers on a centralized listing site and buyers and sellers of businesses are brought together. Several thousand businesses for sale are listed, modified, and advertised thru this website.  Valuable information regarding Florida business for Sales and Florida Businesses Sold help me as a Business Broker Professional  keep track of the ebb and flow of the Florida Business Acquisition Market.  Understanding a business to assist in selling that business requires an understanding of the numbers behind  that business.  And understanding the marketplace in which this business may be sold is furthered by a review of the data surrounding businesses being bought and sold in Florida. The below are a few statistics, totals, and items of note surrounding the business acquisition and sales market in the State of Florida. Other businesses are bought and sold without the assistance of members Business Brokers of Florida, and that info is not included in this analysis.

Businesses Sold in Florida Activity for 2011

Businesses Sold in Florida through Business Brokers of Florida  in  2011  – 859  vs 931  in 2010.  About a 7% drop.

Averages of all businesses sold in 2011:

Average Sales – $541,000   Average Price Sold For- $243,000   Average Adjusted Net- $96,000   Days on Market  224 (note all DOM (days on market) numbers DO NOT include those taken off the for sale market)

Florida businesses sold in 2011  Items of note:

  • Restaurants sold in Florida – Number sold- 199   Avg Sales-$326k  Avg  Sold Avg.Price-$140k     Adj Net-$67k  DOM 211

over 20% of all businesses sold in 2011 were restaurants!  Currently 670 are for sale

  • Dry Cleaners/Laundry Business sold in Florida-39  Avg. Sales-$174k Avg.  Sold Avg. Price-$119k   Avg. Adj Net-$64k

fairly active sector- fairly low business entry point, and fairly easy learning curve.

  • Manufacturing businesses sold in Florida- 15   Avg. Sales $1.3M   Avg.Sold price-$713k Avg. Adj Net-$148k DOM-275

Florida is a very service oriented business community, not a lot of manufacturing activity, relatively.

  • Lawn Service Businesses Sold in Florida-33 Avg. Sales-$190k   Avg. Sold Price- $ 115k  Avg. Adj Net- $73k  DOM-186

lots of lawn service business sold and for sale in Florida but almost exclusively “smaller” with average sales of $190k

  • Insurance related businesses Sold in Florida-15  Avg. Sales- $226k    Avg. Sold Price-$335k  Avg. Adj.Net- $110k  DOM -166

I took note of insurance because they received a very good multiple when compared to most other industries 3+ times adjusted Net. and the average days on market less than 6 months- a fairly fast sell time.

As of December 28,2011…

Businesses Currently For Sale through Business Brokers of Florida – 3392 vs. 3373   in last 30 day period.  about same.

  • Number of Business Currently for Sale in Jacksonville Florida Area (Duval County and St.Johns County) – 209
  • Number of Business Sold in Jacksonville Florida Area in2011- 48
  • Number of Restaurants for Sale in Jacksonville Fl Area-56 (about 25% of all Jacksonville businesses for sale)

Current Business Interest and Activity Observations: as of  December 28,2011

Is there a pent up supply being created.?  Every year business owners get closer to exiting their businesses.  Another year has gone by.  How many business owners planned or intended to sell their business in 2010 or 2011 and have decided to delay that action?

Will this “supply” of businesses for sale affect the price that a business may realize due to a potential increase in supply?  If demand stays consistent and supply increases, prices by market forces tend to move down.  So how does one balance the strategy to wait until company performance improves vs selling into a potentially lower valued market?  I always like to think tomorrow will be better as I am a fairly optimistic person- things will get better, just not sure how many tomorrows its going to take.


  • *All above info compiled from data available via the bbfmls website. And addresses information about businesses being bought and sold and reported thru this Professional organization of Business Brokers of Florida.

For more info or questions regarding the Florida Business Acquisition Market or Florida Businesses for sale please contact

Scott M Messinger